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Free Shipping Available Canada Wide!!!
Free Shipping Available Canada Wide!!!
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Special Orders

Pedals currently available for Special Order

Here at McGregor Pedals we have a number of pedals that have finished the prototyping phase and are not available in their final form as we haven't gotten around to designing and ordering the enclosures, writing and send the press release, demo videos, etc.

These pedals are available for special order in a more "raw" state (recycled enclosures, sometimes hand-drilled, stickers for graphics, etc). If you are interested, please send us an email through the contact form and we'll respond with options, time-frame and a payment link.

Currently available for special order are:

The Double Crunch Transparent Overdrive

Two independent Crunch Transparent Overdrive pedals in one enclosure. Choose to have Extra Crunch on one side (we recommend the right side) and Original Crunch on the other side (we recommend the left side). Or double up with two Originals or two Extra Crunches. Typical build time: 1 week. $335US

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A simple name for an essential addition to any board. Our boost will also "duck"; it goes from -5dB to +17dB. Set low it will allow you to duck under your vocalist (this was a special request from a well known player) and maxed out it will hit the front end of your amp hard. Note that the actual increase in volume will depend on how much your amp is compressing the signal. If you have a Classic Marshall with the pre-amp pinned, you'll hear a change in tone and only a couple of dB increase.

Typical build time: 1 week. $185US

Tubular Hells!

Question: How crazy are you guys?

Answer: We made a Talkbox!


Yes, we are crazy enough to make one of these contraptions and we are in love with it! So much fun!!!

The one pictured has a 6W amp that runs on standard Center-Negative 9V pedal power and it REQUIRES at least 700mA of current.

Our Tubular Hells Talkbox has a built in amplifier and an optional 8Ohm Speaker-Out jack (since it has a built in amp, you  might as well be able to use it as a back up amp). The amp features a 400Hz-8kHz 200W driver and a 7' hose (1/2" I.D.)

Typical build time: 2 weeks. $435US

Any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out. We answer almost all questions within 1 business day.