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Here are a few links to some of the media stories on us. Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to recognize our work!

 "...the Cozmic Fuzzball brings together distortion and fuzz sounds to produce gnarly tones with musical sheen...perfect for players looking to craft their own voice." -Vintage Guitar Magazine, March 2022

"McGregor Pedals is taking the knowledge they’ve accrued from being in the overdrive pedal game, and using it to make one hell of a fuzz pedal"  -Gear Gods
"...a personal, high-end take on the gnarliest of pedal effects" -Delicious Audio
"McGregor Pedals adds another sweet drive option for your pedalboard with the Crunch Plus Overdrive" -Music Radar
"...touch-sensitive crunch, clarity, and sustain without muddy overtones or buzzy top-end... add overdrive and/or sustain to your guitar’s signal without color and noise, the McGregor Crunch and Crunch Plus are worth a close look." -Vintage Guitar Magazine

Tonebox: McGregor Pedals Enters Fuzz Arena

Guitar World: McGregor Pedals announces its first-ever fuzz box, the Cozmic Fuzzball

No Treble on the Crunch Plus

No Treble on the Cozmic Fuzzball