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Free Shipping Available Canada Wide!!!
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About McGregor Pedals

It All Began in Michael’s Studio

McGregor Pedals started one afternoon when Michael Schau, the best guitar player I know, told me that he could never find a low-gain overdrive pedal that was truly transparent. I figured it was time to use my physics background; I started researching and came up with a proof of concept as well as a long list of modifications/improvements. Michael heard the proof of concept and told me to "...not change a f***ing thing." I ignored him and spent a year making mods, only to end up pretty close to where I started. Michael has been playing the Crunch Transparent Overdrive live and in recordings ever since.

"The number one pedal in my board. Absolutely great for getting a fantastic Blues, Roots or low gain rhythm or lead tone without colouring the tone of my guitar or amp. Just an invaluable tone tool for the professional guitarist"--Michael Schau

A bit more general information about all of our products:
  • Hand soldered in Vancouver, Canada
  • High grade components picked for their superior sound and response
  • True bypass with soft switch (optional hard-click switch available)
  • Three topside controls – Volume, Tone, Gain
  • LED Brightness controlled by side-mounted variable resistor (trim pot)
  • Low power draw: 7 - 10mA (9v) depending on LED setting
  • Audio Jacks and Power Connection located at the top end to help with packed pedal boards