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Crunch Transparent Overdrive | Crunch Plus | Cozmic Fuzzball

Crunch Transparent Overdrive Demos (More Info Here)

 Carter Low (2016 Grand Prize winner of the Lee Ritenour Six String Theory Competition)

 Full demonstration by Michael Schau

Slammin' Mike Wedge on Bass

Crunch Plus Demos (More Info Here)

Shawn Tubbs on The Crunch Plus Overdrive

 RJ Ronquillo putting it through it's paces

Cozmic Fuzzball Demos (More Info Here)

Shawn Tubbs test drives the Cozmic Fuzzball

 Michael Schau putting the Cozmic Fuzzball through its paces

The McGregor Pedals Collection in One Video (More Info Here)

Featuring Michael Schau and Slammin' Mike Wedge