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MP Reverb
MP Reverb
MP Reverb
McGregor Pedals

MP Reverb

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Due to demand, the McGregor Pedals Reverb is now shipping three to five business days after orders are placed. 

 A simple version of a complex pedal. Being fans of the Belton tank sound, we have opted to build our first reverb pedal around the Belton-Accutronics BTDR3 Reverb Module using the quality of parts and engineering that we are known for.


  • Tone: This tone control pushes or reduces the tone of the reverb (wet) sound only and is centered on a corner frequency of 2340Hz; it is designed to alter the nature of the reverb and not the tone of the dry signal.
  • Depth: Changes the decay time from zero to approximately 3 seconds.
  • Reverb: blends the wet/dry signals from 100% dry to 60/40 wet/dry.
  • LED Brightness (Unmarked Trimpot on the side): Please make the adjustment gently using a jeweler’s screwdriver.

Output Impedance when the pedal is engaged: 100 Ohms

The MP Reverb Pedal ships approximately three business days after orders are placed. 

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