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McGregor Pedals on Batteries

A few notes on batteries (or the lack of them)

For my pedal designs I’ve opted to omit the battery compartment for several reasons, none of them directly relating to sound. In no particular order:

  • Batteries are environmentally unsound. Batteries contain acid and heavy metals that end up in landfills, in soil, and in the oceans. All my pedals are built with RoHS compliant parts; batteries don’t make sense.
  • Batteries are rarely needed. Given the ubiquity of 9VDC center-negative power supplies, batteries are, mostly, unnecessary and for those times when you require a battery, there are options available. eg.
  • Batteries are unreliable. My pedals are built specifically for the professional musician and pros cannot risk battery failure.
  • Batteries become an ongoing cost. It doesn’t make sense to replace a $3-5 dollar battery after every few hours of playing.
  • Batteries leak. Everyone I know has had the same experience: you open up a pedal that’s been idle for many months and see a battery that’s leaked inside the compartment (ugh).